Djimmah Mocha, 250g


High quality East African coffee, which grows in Ethiopian mountains. 100% Arabic coffee beans. Strong, but a smooth and soft flavor. Generally Ethiopian coffee is considered to be low-acid, but the coffees made with Ethiopian Mocha bean nave complex sweet and citrus notes.

  • Aroma: sweet, spice
  • Flavor: chocolate, citrus
  • Acidity: above medium
  • Grown: 1500 to 2200 meters above sea level
  • Roasting: medium

Coffee beans are prepacked in resilient airtight package 250 g, if you need bigger amount, increase the number of packages (2 pieces = 500 g, 3 pieces = 750 g etc).  According to customer’s request it is possible to grind the beans. You can select: beans,espresso, filter coffeemaker, Italian moka pot, French press, Turkish coffee. Freshly ground coffee stays fresh in sealed packaging for about half a year.


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