El Salvador Las Delicas, 250g


Medium roast.

Central American coffee, 100% Arabica coffee bean. Soft and bright aroma, sweet coffee with larger coffee beans. Pacamara is one of the high grown coffee beans, which is distinguished for its gentle and pleasing yet lively and complex flavor and aroma.

  • Aroma: sweet (fruity), floral, spice
  • Flavor: sweet (honey), citrus (tangerine), chocolate
  • Acidity: bright, sweet (less acidity than the typical Central American Coffees)
  • Grown: 1200 to 1500 meters above sea level
  • Roasting: medium.

Coffee beans are prepacked in resilient airtight package 250 g, if you need bigger amount, increase the number of packages (2 pieces = 500 g, 3 pieces = 750 g etc).  According to customer’s request it is possible to grind the beans. You can select: beans,espresso, filter coffeemaker, Italian moka pot, French press, Turkish coffee. Freshly ground coffee stays fresh in sealed packaging for about half a year.


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