Flavoured coffees

Flavored coffee is made by infusing different flavors into the beans during or after roasting. These flavors can range from traditional options like vanilla and hazelnut to bolder options like caramel, cinnamon, chocolate, fruit and even exotic spices.

One of the main advantages of flavored coffee is its variety. This gives you the opportunity to enjoy different flavor profiles without compromising the familiar coffee base. Those who find black coffee too bitter or strong may find flavored coffee a more pleasant and enjoyable alternative.

The flavoring process usually involves adding natural extracts to the beans. Natural extracts come from real sources like vanilla pods or fruit.

There are several methods available for making flavored coffee. Some people prefer a regular coffee machine or a press pot to make flavored coffees, while others prefer filter coffee or espresso-based methods like lattes and cappuccinos. The preparation method can affect the intensity and balance of flavor, so experimentation is recommended to find the perfect preparation method.

Flavored coffee can be found both ground and as beans. Ground coffee is convenient and suitable for traditional brewing methods, while whole beans are preferred by those who prefer to grind their coffee freshly before brewing, which allows for better flavor retention.

Flavored coffee offers an exciting and varied taste experience.

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