Coffee makers

  • French press: This is a popular coffee machine where ground coffee is mixed with hot water and then pressed down with a filter. This method allows the coffee grounds to separate and gives a rich taste.

  • Filter coffee machine: These machines are widely used and easy to use. The ground coffee is placed in the filter and the hot water drips through the coffee, collecting in the jug.

  • Espresso machine: Espresso machines make concentrated coffee by forcing hot water through coffee grounds under high pressure. These machines make it possible to prepare various coffee drinks based on espresso.

  • Aeropress: It is portable and easy to use. Ground coffee is mixed with water and the resulting mixture is pressed through a filter. The result is concentrated coffee with a rich taste.

  • Capsule coffee machine: These machines use coffee capsules that contain pre-ground coffee. The machine pierces the capsule and quickly prepares a cup of coffee.

  • Mocha pot: This is a traditional Italian coffee maker where hot water passes through the steamed coffee and condenses in the pot.

  • Turkish coffee maker (Ibrik): The Turkish coffee pot or coffee maker is designed for making extra finely ground coffee. In a coffee maker, water and coffee are heated under low heat and then the sediments are allowed to settle.

  • Cold press coffee machine: They are specially designed for making cold coffee, where the ground coffee is soaked in cold water for a long time.

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