• Traditional teapot: They are mostly made of ceramic or porcelain and often have decorations or patterns. Traditional teapots are designed for making loose tea leaves and are often used in tea ceremonies.

  • Glass teapot: Glass teapots allow you to see how the tea making process takes place. They are visually attractive and allow you to appreciate the color changes of the tea.

  • Cast iron teapot: Cast iron teapots retain heat very well, which helps them stay hot longer on the road. They are often decorated and are especially used to make Japanese-style teas.

Teapot with modern design: Modern teapots can be made of different materials such as stainless steel, glass, ceramic or even plastic. They are often minimalistic in design and intended for practical use.

  • Single teapot: These teapots are designed for one cup of tea at a time. They are compact and perfect for a single tea lover.

  • Ceramic teapot with a strainer: Some teapots are equipped with a sieve that allows you to separate the loose tea leaves from the tea without using a separate sieve.

 For example, with this tea set inspired by Japanese tea culture, you can host your own tea ceremony at home. Imagine yourself in an Asian setting with a cast iron teapot and two porcelain mugs

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