Feng Shui Tee

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Feng Shui aims to create harmony between people and their environment. Chi (positive, free-flowing energy) is achieved through perfect balance between yourself and the 5 elements of wood, fire, earth, metal and water. The ingredients reflect the promoting and inhibiting elements in the corresponding colors and shapes. Harmony is enhanced by the balance of natural aromas. Consciously add the 5th element WATER for your own personal experience of harmony!

Ingredients: apple pieces, purple dragon fruit cubes (dragon fruit, rice flour), goji berries, lemon grass, blackberry leaves, nettle leaves, carrot flakes, orange peel, eucalyptus leaves, wild strawberry leaves, beetroot, natural bergamot flavor with other natural flavors, cornflower flowers, marigold flowers, pink pepper.

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4gr (2tsp) per 200ml of water.

100°C water temperature

5-10 minutes preparation time

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