Ginseng Oolong



Hiina oolong tee (poolfermenteeritud, st rohelise ja musta vahepealne), milles on teelehed rullitud pallikesteks ning nendele on lisatud ženženni ja lagritsa juure pulbrit, mis annab muidu aromaatsele oolong teele magusust. Oolong on väga hea ainevahetusele ning on suurema teiini sisaldusega, seega sobib pigem päevateena. Lisaks tugevdab ženženn elujõudu. Ideaalne jook kevadväsimuse vastu.


Valmistamine: 1 tl / 250 ml

Veetemperatuur: 80-90 °C

Tõmbamisaeg: 2-3 min

High Quality Chinese green tea, which is blended with ginseng powder, liquorice root. Only the youngest sprouts are “dusted” with a fine coat of these ingredients, after withering and rolling and before the subsequent drying stage. The optic of this reminds of small rolled, pressed olive-green tea bits or nuggets. The colour is golden-green and the flavour  is delicately soft, slightly sweet.


Brewing: 1 tsp./ 250 ml

Water temperature: 80-90 °C

Brewing time: 2-3 min


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